Summer Programs in

The Kingdom of Thailand

These teen summer programs are based in Bangkok Thailand. High school students can enjoy summer programs in the modern city of Bangkok, some summer programs in the PTU are focused on academics that range from computing to history. Others offer opportunities for adventure, sports or the visual and performing arts. Some programs are for middle school students or welcome rising high school freshmen.

List of Academic Programs

The PTU International Summer School offers a range of interactive academic programs that provide an enriching learning opportunity, within a diverse academic setting that will challenge and inspire you. You will learn new perspectives, develop your ideas and expand your thinking.

First Aid Program


A workshop where students will learn essential first aid skills. We will help them to build the confidence and willingness to help someone in an emergency, using everyday objects that they have around them. We also show them where to get support if they have an injury or illness, as well as introducing them to the work that we do in the Thailand. 

Children / young people will learn to:

- be more confident to help someone in a first aid emergency

- be more willing to help someone in a first aid emergency

- be more able to help someone in a first aid emergency

Helping Young People Build Essential Life Skills


Whether young people are learning at school, at home or in a youth group, our unique workshop to suit them. Covering humanitarian and wellbeing topics, the workshops are designed to help children and young people ages 10 to 19 build vital skills in a fun and engaging environment. These skills can help them in their everyday lives and include building confidence, resilience, and understanding, as well as developing empathy for others. The sessions are conducted by trained and experienced resource persons who are well-researched and effective approaches to educating young people.

Communicating with Confidence

English Language: Communicating with Confidence


Delivered by English as a Modern Foreign Language, this program focuses on enhancing your speaking and presentation skills in different English-language public communication settings and offer children to experience new things, gain a sense of independence, have fun and make new friends while participating in exciting activities and mastering in this program. Further, children will develop a priceless ability to communicate with more people.

English Summer Camps help develop personal skills too. The break from home in a supportive environment gives children the opportunity to discover their strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, think creatively and solve problems, build self-esteem and become independent thinkers. At English Summer Camps children build confidence and self-esteem by learning and developing new skills, communicating and team working, and having the time of their lives. What a great way to spend the summer!

Film & Media


In the era of Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and even advertising, most people don't realize just how important screenwriters are to creative media. Filmmaking & Digital Media Summer Programs put middle and high school students at the leading edge of this exciting industry. Students learn to handle professional equipment such as lights, cameras and computer editing software. These programs shepherd teens through all aspects of film and video production. Coursework includes creative screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, photography and acting. Instructors drawn from top universities and the film and video production industries guide and mentor students as they apply coursework to the creation and presentation of media projects. This course will teach students to develop their original ideas in a unique framework to promote outside-the-box creative thinking as they learn how to adapt existing intellectual property and write an original short-form screenplay.

Chil Film & Media

Global Environmental Leadership & Sustainability


This program is designed to provide high achieving high school students the opportunity to engage and address environmental issues in the world today in an effort to develop future, also this Summer Camp is an opportunity for high school students to engage with environmental issues by creating community with faculty members, college mentors, and elementary-aged. Since the best way to learn is to teach, high school students will work alongside PTU students to innovate create hands-on activities and appropriate environmental lessons to help youth to understand environmental challenges and become environmental stewards, about nature, explore environmental issues from your backyard, and have fun while you become an even stronger voice for protecting our planet!

Who can take part in a youth workshop?

Children and young people aged between 10 and 19 can take part in a youth workshop. They can take place in school or in an organized group within the community.

Workshops must be organized by a teacher, educator, or representative of an organization. Groups must have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 35 attendees for each workshop.

How can students take part in a workshop?

Youth workshops are available in face-to-face formats. The content and format of the workshop will be the same, but some aspects will vary.

Who can apply?

Youth workshops are available in face-to-face formats. The content and format of the workshop will be the same, but some aspects will vary.

Why Choose PTU Summer Education?

Experience of a lifetime

  • Our students receive first-rate teaching whilst having fun and making friends from all over the world.

Inspiring Surroundings

  • Stay in heart of Bangkok city throughout the two-weeks.

Where are the summer programs located?

  • Our two-week programs take place in Bangkok, Thailand

Outcome of this summer camps are,

  • Improving overall and specific language competence.
  • Preparing for future studies and/or working life.
  • Developing different interests and attitudes.
  • Diversifying methods & forms of classroom teaching and learning.
  • Increasing learner motivation.
  • Integrating language into the broader curriculum.
  • Academic language proficiency
  • Introducing a wider cultural context to content lessons