Sport is an increasingly large part of people’s lives, whether it’s for health, fitness, participation, excellence or just for enjoyment. PTU Sports Management workshop gives you the knowledge and skill that you need to start a successful career where sport is delivered and managed in the community.

Suitability – Who should attend?

This Sports Management Course is suitable for people who aim to start a successful career in Sports Management.

What can you do with a Sports Management?

You could start a career in areas such as sports coaching, sports development, teaching, event management.

Sports Management program Ideal For?

Those holding sports or events positions and wishing to enhance their sports event management knowledge and skills in order to progress.

This workshop covers the following units:

PTU Global Connect will organize outstanding sports events and training sessions.

Who should attend?

Junior and Mercantile players or Anybody – involved in organizing, advising or sanctioning sports event

What PTU Provides?

List of Sports

Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowls,  Boxing, Cricket,  Cycling, Darts, Diving, Football, Futsal, Golf, Gymnastics, Handball,  Hockey, Judo, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Netball, Rugby, Shooting, Snooker,  Squash,  Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball

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Sports Management

The Sport Management learning program provides a through a balance of theory, practical and work integrated learning, participants are able to develop a variety of skills that prepare them to work in the field of sport management. In association with a variety of Sports Unions, Sports Companies and Schools, students will have access to the working environment, where they will be able to enhance their practical skills set within this course.

Students who are actively involved in sports during their school years and wish to continue in this area should know that there is a world of opportunity available for them after they complete school. Those who are involved in sports as athletes or those always up to date with developments in sports are very suitable for this program. Pursuing a Sports Management program can help them build their knowledge in this industry.

By the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

 ·         Obtain a broad knowledge of Sports Management concepts with a focus on the sports industry.

·         Apply the Management and Business tools to this sector without the constraints of time or location.

·         Improve the career choice in the Sports Industry.

·         Understand the critical role of what Sports can offer.

·         Identify the framework of relation to sports.

·         Improve any of the sports constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values.

 Promote principles of good governance in sport organizations and structures to support operational sustainability.

·         Organize and establish sport organization or structure in order to enhance operational effectiveness.

·         Maintain operations in a sport organization or structure.

·         Plan, coordinate and implement sport tournaments or events.

Entrance to the PTU Sports Management Short Course program requires the completion of the Online Application form and submission of the following documents to the PTU training division.

  • Last academic certificate
  • Resume’ / CV (including reference to all previous education)
  • Personal Statement
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • 2 photographs (passport-sized)
  • Recommendation Letter (your current working organization)
  • Maximum Number of Attendees: 25

Sports Massage

If you expecting to be a pioneer in the industry, then take the first step to a successful career with this Sports Massage course. As a sports therapist, you will work with sport and exercise with students, working professionals to help prevent, recognize, manage and treat injuries, should they occur, and then rehabilitate them back to full fitness.

This course is aimed at individuals with an interest in training to become sports massage therapists. If you are already a qualified therapist this course may help you to sharpen your skills.

PTU Global Connect Sports massage therapy forms an important part of an athlete’s pre, post and inter-event training strategies. This short course will be useful for sport conditioning coaches, sport coaches and even athletes themselves. Learn the anatomy and techniques and skills to help athletes perform at their best.

From theories and techniques on providing effective massages relevant to your clients’ needs, to setting up a practice and retaining clients, the Sports Massage Practitioner Course guides you through everything you need to know to pursue a successful sports massage career.

  • Principles of Health and Fitness
  • Managing Sports Injuries
  • Strapping to support injured ankles
  • Food intake to improve performance
  • Looking after your back
  • Stretching – science and application
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Massage
  • Professional Practice in Sports Massage
  • Understand the Principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction
  • Sports Massage Treatments