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What is corporate training?

Corporate training is a means of improving the system of professional development activities provided to educate employees. Many organizations are implementing different corporate training programs, to address specific needs, to promote new working practices, and standards. furthermore, capacity development programs help the company to boost the performance of its employees.

Advantages of Corporate Training

Bhutan PTU

– AF 001   Agri Marketing

– AF 002   Agri Marketing

– AF 014   Farm Management

– more –

– BS 002   Applied Business Presentations

– BS 009   Communication and EQ Skills

– BS 037   People Management Skills Training

– more –

– FC 003   Customer Care Excellence​

– FC 005   Customer Care Excellence​

– FC 013   Customer Care Excellence​

– more –

Public Sector Training

Sales / Marketing / Branding

Occupational Safety & Health

Human Resource

Technical Program

Finance & Accounting

Project Management

Personal Development

Quality Management, Productivity Tools & ISO

Leadership / Management / Coaching / Creativity

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Land Reclamation Management

Team Building / Teamwork / Motivation

Teacher Training

Public Health Courses

Telecommunication Courses