Dr.Chanakan Yuenyong


Welcome to Pathumthani University (PTU)

|, Dr.Chanakan Yuenyong President of Pathumthani University. I am a pedigree teacher over 40 years of expertise. The vision of the University administration is to progress toward universal. On behalf of Pathumthani University, It is my privilege to welcome you to our campus. Our University has developed in many aspects with stability and quality especially the academic strength and physical facilities. We provide students with every opportunity to advance their educational experience particularly through learning that occurs outside of the classroom.

Today, you are our new hope. It is essential for you to pay good attention, utilize full capability, and affordable time to study since the study in higher education requires great diligence and patience to acquire the degree. Students who study at Pathumthani University will be knowledgeable, ethically and problem solving with the assist of our qualified lecturers.

The University manages and develops under 4 main missions on teaching and learning, research, academic services for society, and preservation of arts and culture. All of these missions are the proactive work for the University since they are the most important and the University intend to demonstrate them as its identity and evidence-based development.

Once again Welcome to be a part of our growing Pathumthani University’s Family.

Dr.Chanakan Yuenyong
(President of Pathumthani University)

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