PTU vision

PTU Global Connect Vision

Design and deliver relevant, high quality, cost-effective training and capacity development programs. ​

PTU Mission

PTU Global Connect Mission

To become the best cooperate training service provider in related industries by providing creative, innovative, value-added and impactful services that meet client’s management & training objectives.


Why PTU?

Besides teaching and learning services the University manages and develops under the missions on research, academic services for society, and preservation of arts and culture. All of these missions are the proactive work for the University since they are the most important and the University intends to demonstrate them as its identity and evidence-based development. The university had produced quality graduates into society at no less than thirty thousand people to fulfill the need as well as to fit in Global Society.


About PTU

Pathumthani University located in Pathum Thani Province. Pathumthani University was founded and commenced on education in academic year 2000 based on ambition and expanding education opportunity to youth of Dr.Chanakan Yuenyong, PhD., the President who was granted a license under the philosophy of education that “Excellence in Academic, Know Morality and Be Practical”. At present, University offers 44 programs consist of 8 Doctorate degree programs, 9 Master Degree programs, 25 Bachelor's Degree programs and 2 Professional Certificate.




About PTU Global Connect​

PTU Global Connect is a professional global event organizer and Corporate Training provider, dedicated to help organizations to create new market space in competitive modern world. PTU Global Connect has delivered its knowledge to government and non-government organizations in Asia. Our clients operate in the following industries: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Banking and Financial Services, Government Institutions and Ministries, Telecommunications, Ports and Transport.


In Pathum Thani Province which has a very high concentration of higher education institutions, especially ones in the field of hospitality, science and technology. This, together with a large number of industrial parks and research facilities (including those in Thailand Science Park), make the region the educational and technology hub of the area. It is 15 Km. away from Don-Muang International airport and 30 minutes away from center of Bangkok.


Pathumthani University,

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